Just a few photos from our recent adventures.

Iced Coffee
Early morning at the Jinney Ring. I was searching for stones, but found this.
Baddesley Clinton
An historic house and bolt hole for the religiously persecuted.
Our granddaughter likes the ducks.
This little piggy went to Hanbury.
This is how we pass the time while Nanny buys the drinks and biscuits.
The Blue Brick Road
Every working day for eight years, I climbed these steps.
Any idea where they are?
Some folks say the seaside is best enjoyed on a bracing December morning.
There is no way to describe being up on Clent in the face of a driving blizzard.
'Futile masochism' comes close though.
The Steps
These beach steps must have transferred thousands of children from Dullsville at the top, to Thrillsville at the bottom.
Get Off My Land
This a remote pub in Norfolk. Apparently, he asked for half a shandy.
The Orchard
One of our favourite places. Mellow, ripe fruit just there for the taking: juicy and succulent.
Idea for throwing at next door's cat.
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