Question: Can you paint recognisable animals using only a few simple polygons?

Answer: Bright Africa.

Question: What about 'Tembo?

Answer: He can be anywhere he likes.

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The Twins
I wonder where they are going ... anywhere they want.
100cm x 30cm
An elephant never forgets ... what the hell have they got to remember?
60cm x80cm
Rhino (Yellow)
Just put the jeep into reverse and there won't be any unpleasantness.
30cm x 30cm.
Rhino (Orange)
Now THAT'S a poker face.
30 cm x 30cm.
Baby (Yellow)
It's been a long, hot day but Baby still wants to play.
30cm x 30cm.
The Long March
He's only got little legs, but he's keeping up just fine.
100cm x 30cm
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