These little chaps are available when I exhibit or demonstrate.

Should I turn some of my other paintings into cards?

Click the links below for full image.

Poppies (Black)
An alternative version of 'Poppies', originally designed for an iPad cover.
£2.50 each
There is a long story behind this little card.
£2.50 each.
Record Breaker
Nostalgia and weirdness.
What's not to like?
£2.50 each
Bright Harbour
Very loosely based on a real place we visited in our youth.
£2.50 each
Last Train
Don't miss your stop.
£2.50 each
Deep and Crisp and Even
Waiting for the 'mulled wine and stollen' pizza delivery.
£2.50 each
Going Home
Where else would you want to be on Christmas Eve?
£2.50 each.
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