Most Bright Harvest paintings feature white houses, rolling countryside and bright sunshine.

They depict a simplified, ordered world where everything knows its place.

Before you ask: they are not 'lollipop' trees. They are majestic Round Oaks.


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Long Bank
As with most tricky things in life, a run up often helps.
100cm x 50cm
The Valley
Not a soul about.
Social distancing?
I'm chuffed with this one.
100cm x 50cm
Special Delivery
You name it, he delivers it.
45cm x 35cm
Quite Early One Morning
It's a clear bright morning and it looks like everyone is making toast for breakfast.
100cm x 50cm
Going Home
How long have they been away?
How far have they come?
It doesn't matter: they are going home.
100cm x 50cm.
The Sentinel
Sometimes drastic action is required but more often than not, you just need to keep an eye on things.
100cm x 50cm
The Race
The sea, the sun, the sand ... the sharks, the giant squid.
100cm x 50cm.
(Thanks Liz)
Green Lanes
This van is getting everywhere. Is that an 'OMO' box I see in the window of number 6?
45cm x 35cm.
Broad Leys
Everybody here owns a skateboard ... and a first aid kit.
100cm x 30cm.
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