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Over a number of years, I have developed a style which depicts familiar objects in an ultra-simplified manner.

Detail is reduced; Texture is increased; Colour is emphasised.

I hope you like the results.

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I am part of a thriving local artistic community and am currently a member of; 

 + Arts In Redditch

 + Droitwich Arts Network

 + Stratford-upon-avon Art society

If you would like to own one of my paintings, (or commission something new) please drop me an email.

I can usually deliver by hand in Redditch and surrounding towns, or you can collect from me if you prefer.

Please just click on my email address below if you have any queries or would like a quote for postage.

Arts In Redditch: Kingfisher
May 2022
Arts In Redditch: Palace Theatre
Arts In Redditch:
Arrow Valley Visitor Centre



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I sign the back of each canvas and add my 'LD' monogram.

They don't need framing and are ready to hang. 

It couldn't be simpler.

If you have any queries, comments or just need to contact me, please drop me an email.


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