Bone-chilling ice.

Blinding fog. 

Drifting snow.

Gather round the hearth and warm yourself with tales of childhood.

One more empty chair this year? 

One more new little smile?

Huddle closer; the frost can wait till morning.

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Christmas Eve
Stay off the cheese Ebenezer.
30cm x 30cm
Homeward Bound
On a night like this there is nowhere you would rather be.
30cm x 30cm
No Place Like Home
Full Moon.
Full Heart.
Full Speed Ahead.
56cm x46 cm
Last Train
It's Christmas Eve and the office party ended up in a pub crawl.
Hope you don't sleep past your stop.
30cm x 40cm.
The bleak crush of chilling winter can't easily be ignored.
But a simple thread of defiant light can remind us of better times to come.
36cm x 28cm.
Snug as a Bug
They have been meaning to use that tree for the last 30 years.
Need a bigger house now.
20cm x 25cm.
The Big Freeze.
10 below zero.
The lake is frozen.
Spare a thought for the ducks at this time of year.
30 minutes a pound should do it.
40cm x 40cm.
Thanks Paul
Snowed In
Lonely together.
Christmas is the perfect time for a thaw.
20cm x 30cm.
It's Christmas Eve and this is proper social housing. Singing, laughing and everybody going crackers.
35cm x 45cm.
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